Free WiFi for paying customers.

Central Square  (near)

955 massachusetts avenue, cambridge, ma 02139     617-497-9061

mon - thurs 7am - 8pm, fri 7am - 6pm, sat 8am - 6pm, sun 9am - 6pm

Harvard Square 

50 church street, cambridge, ma 02138     617-547-0950

mon - fri 8am - 9pm, sat 10am - 9pm, sun 10am - 8pm

We are currently hiring.  Please stop by to fill out an application.  Thank you!

Now accepting applications.

Breakfast Special $5

(1) breakfast pastry

(2) hard boiled egg, organic banana, or apple

(3) coffee or tea


We care about what goes into your body!

We care about our collective action on the environment!

     1.  Bring in your own travel mug and we'll take 10 cents off your drink.

     2.  We seek to avoid unnecessary garbage--we do not hand out regular straws, grab one if you must.

     3.  Please do not take more napkins or sauces than you need.  We see so much of it going to waste. 

     4.  Please inform us if you have any food allergies prior to ordering your food.

Thank you for your support!

Cafe serving Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Wholesome, and Delicious Fresh Foods in Cambridge

Lunch Special $9.95  

(1) daily sandwich/wrap

(2) potato chips, apple, or organic banana

(3) coffee or tea

lunch special