About Us

Dado was started by Namwon and Jennie in 2001. We are both passionate about backpacking around the world and exploring and understanding different cultures. In our travels, we fell in love with the various tea cultures of different parts of the world. We wanted to share our love of tea with others.

As the name implies our initial inception was focused on tea. However over the years, Dado has grown to encompass much more than tea. One thing that has not changed is our desire to create a space for people to gather and to enjoy each other’s company, whether it is over a cup of tea, coffee, or a meal.

The first store opened on October 20, 2002 at 955 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. In November 2004, we opened our second store at 50 Church Street in Harvard Square.

Dado’s Business Philosophy​:
Dado’s foremost business philosophy is to improve the quality of life of others. We seek to offer only high quality organic food and beverages that will contribute to the well-being and overall health of our customers and staff.

We choose to do business with responsible vendors and to reinvest into the community in which we operate by donating to local charities. We also seek to donate to charities that improve the lives of small children.

Dado believes that being mindful of our actions and its effect on the environment is an integral part of improving the lives of others. We strongly encourage our customers to bring in their own travel mug to which there is a 10¢ discount. 

We recycle, minimize waste, and seek to compost whenever possible. 

Dado believes in creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere where friends and family members can gather to enjoy one another’s company. 

What Does Dado Mean?
Dado means the way of tea or tea ceremony. This is a literal translation of the Chinese characters 茶道. Dado is the Korean pronunciation of these two Chinese characters. In Chinese it is pronounced as chādào and chado in Japanese.

Locally owned cafe in Cambridge serving healthy, organic, simple, and wholesome foods and drinks.

​We offer many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.  We have food for carnivores too!

Central Square  since 2002

955 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02139  617-497-9061

Monday - Thursday 7 - 7,  Friday 7 - 6,  Saturday 8 - 6,  Sunday 9 - 5

Harvard Square since 2004

50 Church Street, Cambridge, MA  02138  617-547-0950

Monday - Friday 8 - 7,  Saturday 10 - 7,  Sunday 10 - 6

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