Cafe serving Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Wholesome, and Delicious Fresh Foods in Cambridge

Free WiFi for paying customers.

Central Square  (near)

955 massachusetts avenue, cambridge, ma 02139     617-497-9061

mon - thurs 7am - 8pm, fri 7am - 6pm, sat 8am - 6pm, sun 9am - 6pm

Harvard Square 

50 church street, cambridge, ma 02138     617-547-0950

mon - fri 8am - 9pm, sat 10am - 9pm, sun 10am - 8pm

no bubbles added to iced teas

black tea

Assam (Irish Breakfast)


Decaf. English Breakfast Darjeeling

Earl Grey

Keemun (English Breakfast)

Lapsong Souchong

Peach Blossom


white tea 
White Peony
White Silver Needle

herbal tea 

Celestial Garden



Dado Tea 


Greek High Mountain Tea


Organic Peppermint



Organic Yerba Maté

fine loose tea
We serve only high grade loose teas.
Share a pot of tea.  $2.75 per each additional person.
Tea added accordingly.

mug/to go  2.75     pot for one  5.00

The different shades of steeped tea.

We only serve high grade loose teas. Different tea leaves.

Decaf English Breakfast

Decaf Green Tea

Earl Grey

English Breakfast

​Green Oolong


Japanese Sencha


Minte ​(organic)

Peach Blossom


White Tea

handcrafted iced tea

All teas are prepared by hand in house with love.  100% unsweetened steeped loose tea leaves.

regular  2.75         large  3.25

green tea 

Decaf. Chinese Green Tea

Dragon Well

Genmai Cha

Japanese Sencha Yamato


Korean Green Tea

oolong tea 

Dark Oolong

Green Oolong

Ti Kuan Yin