Breakfast Options

Any of our breakfast sandwiches can be made on gluten free bread.  Please see breakfast page for options.  We are not a gluten free store.

Small Plate

miso soup (no MSG  GF VG VT                                4.25

Multi-Grain Specialties

bi-bim-bap(VG VT)                    entree 13.25   petite 10.25

Multi-grain rice with bean sprout, hand shredded carrots, shiitake mushroom, cucumber, organic spring mix, sesame seeds, sesame oil, sesame tamari ginger sauce, and protein choice.
Note: Ask for sesame tamari ginger sauce instead of seasoned hot sauce.

rice bowl(GF VG VT)                    entree 11.25   petite 8.25
Multi-grain rice, organic spring mix, cucumber, hand shredded carrots, sesame tamari ginger dressing, and protein choice.   

protein choice:  egg salad (GF), organic tofu (GF VG VT), tuna salad (GF), or chicken salad (GF).

Hot Noodle Soup

dado noodle(VG VT)                                          13.25

Bean sprout, shiitake mushroom, hand shredded carrots, cucumber, organic spring mix, and udon noodles served in a spicy miso based broth with sesame oil and sprinkle of sesame seeds.

*Ask for rice noodles instead of udon noodles and no hot sauce.

Cold Noodle Salads

seaweed noodle(VG VT)                                     8.50

Organic spring mix, hand shredded carrots, cucumber, udon noodles and seaweed sprinkled with sesame oil, sesame seeds, and tempura flakes.

*Ask for rice noodles and no tempura flakes.

summer noodle(GF VG VT)                                  9.95

​Organic spring mix, hand shredded carrots, red onion, cucumber, and vermicelli noodles.  Served with mildly spicy peanut sauce. 

GF=gluten free  VG=vegan  VT=vegetarian

Gluten Free Options​

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Dado Tea Logo - Organic and Healthy Foods

Locally owned cafe in Cambridge serving healthy, organic, simple, and wholesome foods and drinks.

​We offer many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.  We have food for carnivores too!


Salad are made with fresh organic spring mix.

Our signature Sesame Tamari Ginger Dressing is made from scratch by hand in-house and is gluten free.
Slice of gluten-free bread with salad 75¢

entrée 9.25          petit 7.25

carrot-ginger hummus salad(GF VG VT)

  Hand shredded carrots and roasted red pepper hummus

  served with sesame tamari ginger dressing.
cran-apple salad (GF VT)

  Feta cheese, cranberries, and diced apples with balsamic vinegar.
greek salad (GF VT)

  Kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, and tomatoes  

  served with oregano, lemon wedge, and olive oil.
organic soy ginger tofu salad (GF VG VT)

  Organic tamari ginger tofu served with sesame seeds and sesame tamari ginger dressing. 
house salad (GF VG VT)

  Tomatoes, cucumber, hand shredded carrots and sesame tamari ginger dressing with a choice of protein--chicken salad (GF), egg salad (GF), roasted red pepper hummus (GF VG VT), organic tofu (GF VG VT) or tuna salad (GF).


we have gluten free bread.  But we are not a gluten free store.  Please fill out a sandwich form.


chicken salad (GF), egg salad (GF), tomato mozzarella (GF VT) , tunal salad (GF) 

GF=gluten free  VG=vegan  VT=vegetarian

​Gluten Free Snacks

blondie or chocolate brownie                              4.25

muffins (Something Sweet without Wheat)                 4.25

heart-thrive                                                                3.95

mochi (rice flour with sweet red bean)     2.50