Signature Wraps

monkey wrap(VG VT)                                   7.25

Peanut butter, banana, and apple.
carrot ginger hummus wrap(VG VT)        8.25

Roasted red pepper hummus, hand shredded carrots, organic spring mix, and sesame tamari ginger sauce.
greek salad wrap(VT)                                8.25

Roasted red pepper hummus, feta cheese, red

onion, tomato, organic spring mix, and kalamata 

olive spread. 
toto wrap                                                      9.25

Roasted turkey, fresh mozzarella, apples, organic

spring mix, and pesto  spread (romano  cheese & pine nuts).   
potter wrap                                                  9.25

Chicken salad, multi-grain rice, hand shredded

carrots, organic spring mix, and sesame tamari 

ginger sauce. 
dado wrap(VG VT)                                                   9.25

Multi-grain rice, hand shredded carrots, organic 

tofu, organic spring mix, and sesame tamari   

ginger sauce.
bi bim bap wrap(VG VT)                                     9.75

Bean sprout, shiitake mushroom, hand shredded carrots, cucumber, organic spring mix, multi-grain rice, sesame tamari ginger sauce, and seasoned hot sauce. 
lina bina wrap                                             9.75

Chicken salad, cranberries, apples, feta cheese, organic spring mix, red onion, and balsamic vinegar. 

GF=gluten free   VG=vegan   VT=vegetarian

Create your own sandwich by selecting

bread, spread, and vegetable fillings.


Add hand shredded carrots, avocado 

or cheese for 75¢.
Gluten-free bread is available for 75¢.

chicken salad (GF) 
egg salad (GF)  
roasted red pepper hummus (VG VT) 
roasted turkey 
tomato mozzarella (GF VT) 
tuna salad (GF) 

GF=gluten free  VG=vegan  VT=vegetarian

bi bim bap wrap

Temporary Hours

955 Mass Ave   OPEN 10 am to 2 pm.  617-497-9061

955 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02139

Harvard Square Location  (temporarily closed)

 We miss seeing your wonderful smiles.  Please be healthy!

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Tomato Mozzarella with avocado and pesto!

toto wrap

Locally owned cafe in Cambridge serving healthy, organic, simple, and wholesome food and drinks since 2002.

​We offer many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.